Welcome to JL Karate Center, Home of Isshinryu Karate.

JL Karate Center, Inc. is conveniently located in Blasdell NY.  JL Karate Center provides traditional Isshinryu Karate instruction.


We focus on the benefits achievable through traditional karate training.  Respect for one another and self-esteem highlight our program.  We teach a complete, effective self-defense system.  We have the solution to Bullying!


There are no contracts or testing fees.  Our cost is $65.00 per month with family rates available.


Effective immediately, our karate schedule will change slightly to offer one additional class for the green belt kids. Classes will still be held 4 days per week; Mon., Wed., Thru. and Sat.


Monday and Wednesday  KIDS 6 - 6:45 All belts.  6:45 - 7:15 green and Higher.  There will be no warm up time for the advanced kids class; so I highly encourage all green and higher belt kids to attend both Classes.

If no advanced kids show up for the second kids class or elect to leave after the 6-6:45 the adults can start at 7 on the main dojo floor. Adults are still encouraged to be there before 7 and begin training on there own in the smaller dojo.


Thursday evenings will remain the same as will Saturdays.


Empowering Women Through Defense

Here is a link to WKBW's story featuring JL Karate Center


Empowering Women Through Defense


Womens Self-Defense Workshop:

JL Karate Center would like to thank everyone who participated in our Self-Defense workshops.  Please check back for dates for our next session.


Have questions?  Contact us at info@jlkaratecenter.com


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Updated: April 01, 2015

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